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Interceptive (Early) Treatment


Treatment aimed to establish proper growth and development, rather than focusing specifically on tooth alignment. Treatment may include plates, headgear, functional appliances, expansion appliances.

Adult Orthodontics

Conventional/aesthetic braces as well as Invisalign are options available for our patients and in some instances, to enhance the smile and obtain an optimal bite, orthodontic treatment  combined with jaw surgery may be required to achieve the ideal result.

Clear aligners

Sequential clear aligners (such as Invisalign®)  are an aesthetic option for patients with mild-moderate mal-alignment. 

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Conventional braces


The braces are made of stainless steel and there are options to have coloured ties around the braces. Metal braces are the strongest, and less likely to break during treatment than other types of braces.

Aesthetic clear braces


Ceramic braces provide increased aesthetics to the anterior teeth.

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Assoc. Professor Haylea Blundell

Specialist Orthodontist

B.Hsc(Dent) M.Dent D.ClinDent(Orth) MRACDS(Orth)

AOB Certified

Associate Professor (Specialist Coordinator - Orthodontics)  - La Trobe University


Dr. Haylea is a local to Bendigo, completing all primary, secondary and undergraduate tertiary education here. Dr. Haylea has a strong passion for orthodontics and enjoys creating her patients' dream smiles. Dr. Haylea takes pride in her work and provides contemporary, evidence-based orthodontics to her patients, all while ensuring her patients feel welcome and comfortable in her practice.

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