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Banded appliances

Your brand new appliance consists of bands placed on your back molar teeth attached to wires that run along the inside surfaces of your upper teeth.

After your appliance is fitted, it may seem a little strange at first when speaking and eating. Don’t be concerned, it will take a bit of time to settle in. It might also feel a bit uncomfortable for the first few days, but this will soon pass.

Choose a softer diet and take a mild pain reliever like Panadol or Nurofen if required.

Cleaning your appliance

It is very important that you clean your appliance with a toothbrush a minimum of twice a day. Food can get trapped in your appliance and lead to gum disease and dental decay.

Avoid sticky or hard foods as these can dislodge the appliance, distort the wires and result in extra visits and treatment time.

Other foods to avoid include chewing gum, nougat, chocolates, caramel, muesli bars and soft drinks. Please do not crunch on ice cubes, chew on bones or crunch hard lollies – these are the most common reasons for appliance breakage, and this leads to extra visits and longer treatment time.


Please make sure that you have made appointments so that we see you regularly to check the appliance. If you notice anything wrong, or if you have a problem, please give us a call so we can determine if you need to see us before your next scheduled appointment.

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