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Elastic Bands

Your elastic bands help us move your teeth into their correct position. Wearing elastics correctly is important to ensure that your treatment proceeds as quickly as possible. 

Please be sure to wear your elastics in exactly the same way as demonstrated by your orthodontist by attaching them to the correct positions on your braces.

Incorrect wearing of your elastics can increase your treatment time or worse, move your teeth into an entirely incorrect position.

Unless we advise otherwise, elastics should be worn at all times, day and night, to ensure that your teeth move as efficiently as possible. Movement of your teeth depends on the continuous application of gentle force over long periods of time.

This can only be achieved by wearing your elastics on a full-time basis and except for eating and cleaning your teeth.

Please ensure that you carry spare elastics with you during the day to replace the broken ones at your earliest opportunity. We recommend that you also change your elastics at least 2-3 times every day.

Try to maintain an adequate supply of elastics at all times and please do not hesitate to call us should you be running low on elastics. Elastics posted in the mail usually arrive the next day. (You will need to make a note of the name of your elastics on the bag).

You may find that your teeth will become tender when you first start to wear elastics. However, this will pass in a few days. Irregular wearing of your elastics will prolong your discomfort.

In the unlikely event of a breakage to your braces or wires, please stop wearing your elastics and call us to schedule an appointment to make any repairs that may be required.

Please do not continue to wear your elastics with broken appliances as undesirable tooth movement may result and prolong your treatment.

We hope that this information helps you understand the importance of wearing your elastics so that your treatment can progress as quickly as possible.

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