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Forsus Springs

A Forsus spring is used to correct your bite by moving your lower teeth forward. It is attached to your braces and is usually required for up to six months.

At first, you will find that the Forsus Spring may cause some irritation to your cheeks but this will usually disappear after a week or so.

In the meantime, don’t forget to use your Magic Wax during the day ~ particularly on the upper bands to help reduce any irritation.

Warm salt-water mouth rinses can also be useful to keep you comfortable if you develop an ulcer.

During the first few days of your treatment, your teeth and the muscles in your jaw may feel a little tender – this is quite normal. Your bite may also feel a little strange.

Using your preferred pain reliever such as Panadol or Neurofen can help with this problem. Be patient and you will be surprised how quickly you adapt to this new appliance.

Spring sprung loose? Don’t panic!

Contact our office for an appointment and we will help you put it back together.

Remember, if you have any breakages or the bands become loose on your teeth, contact us for an appointment as soon as possible for repairs.

Care & diet

It is really important that you keep your Forsus springs very clean.

Brush with a toothbrush after every meal. Food debris can be trapped quite easily under the appliance and should be removed after promptly. If you can’t brush you should at least rinse your mouth vigorously with water after eating.

Please avoid sticky or hard foods such as chewing gum, toffee, nougat, caramel, and muesli bars as they can dislodge the appliance causing it to come loose.

Be sure that you keep your scheduled appointments so that we can supervise your progress and ensure that your treatment proceeds uneventfully.

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