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Headgear is used to move your upper molar teeth into their correct position. This treatment is totally dependent on your cooperation, so persistence & consistency are the keys to success with headgear.

You have been asked to wear your headgear as much as possible – 14 hours/day is ideal.

More is better.

We prefer that you don’t wear your headgear outside the house and especially when you are horsing around with your friends when it might become detached or be damaged.

Most of our patients get into a routine. They come home from school, down goes the bag, and on goes the headgear, and they wear it until breakfast except for dinner. We suggest you keep a record of the hours that you wear it and try and stick to the schedule.

Sometimes your teeth may feel tender, particularly in the morning. This means they are moving and is usually a positive sign. So the more you wear it, the sooner your teeth will be straight, and the sooner your treatment will be finished.

Headgear…friend or foe?

You will be living with your headgear for a while, so please look after it when you are not wearing it. Keep it in its case and keep it clean – an occasional wash with warm water and soap is a good idea.

We are here to help you, so if you have any problems with your headgear or questions about how it works, don’t hesitate to call us. Our job is to help you help yourself.

So wear that headgear…did we mention you really need to wear that headgear? 

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do remove the neck strap/head cap before the face bow. And always remove the face bow in a side to side sliding motion ~ moving the face bow up and down can loosen the bands.

  • Do call us if any parts of your headgear break or bend.

  • Don’t adjust it yourself or you could make things worse!

  • Do bring your headgear with you each visit so we can check and adjust it.

  • Don’t muck around or play sport in your headgear. It’s definitely not a toy.

  • Don’t eat sweet and sticky foods. It can loosen bands and decay your teeth.

  • Do make sure you keep up with your brushing, every morning and before bed.

  • Do remember to bring your headgear and scorecard to every appointment so we can check your progress

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