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Maxillary expander

A Hyrax is an expansion appliance that is commonly used to make the upper jaw wider. It consists of orthodontic bands placed on the upper molar teeth connected by an expansion screw in the roof of your  mouth. Some Rapid Palatal Expanders form part of a growth appliance such as a Herbst appliance.

Your expander has a centre screw that is turned with the little key you have been given.

Just place the key in the hole and gently push toward the back of your mouth as far as it will go. This will expose another hole, so it is important to turn the screw all the way, so you are ready for next turn.

Just turn the screw once every day, preferably in the morning. Keep turning the screw until all of the turns requested by your orthodontist have been completed and then STOP.

If you miss a turn, simply pick up where you left off the next morning.

You may notice a gap opening between your two front teeth, this means the appliance is working correctly and should not be of concern. It should disappear over the next few weeks.

There will be little or no discomfort associated with this process apart from a few days of mild discomfort when the appliance is first fitted. Your speech may initially be affected by the appliance, but it will return to normal quite quickly.

Cleaning your appliance

It is really important that you keep your hyrax spotless. Brush with a toothbrush after every meal. Food debris can be trapped quite easily under the appliance and should be removed promptly.

If you can’t brush you should at least rinse your mouth vigorously with water after eating.

Please avoid sticky or hard foods such as chewing gum, toffee, nougat, caramel, and muesli bars as they can dislodge the appliance causing it to come loose.

If you think that there is a problem with your Hyrax, please contact us to make an appointment so that we can assist you.

Be sure that you keep your scheduled appointments so that we can supervise your progress and ensure that your treatment proceeds uneventfully.

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