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Orthodontic Plate

Okay, so you have to wear a plate.  All plates are different. Your plate may have small springs to move your teeth and wire clasps to hold it in place. Some plates have a screw device you have to turn; others have no screws or springs.

You may find it a bit weird speaking when you first get your plate. Don’t worry, you will speak normally in a couple of days with a little practise – your brain will figure it out.

Because your plate moves your teeth, it might feel a bit uncomfortable for the first few days. This can also happen after it has been adjusted. Don’t get too stressed as it will soon pass. Take a pain-reliever such as Panadol if required.

Wear & Care
Unless we give you special instructions, you will need to wear your new plate at all times except when you eat, swim, or play contact sports. You may find it a bit weird speaking when you first get your plate. Don’t worry, your speech will be fine in a couple of days, but you need to persist.

We have given you a protective case. Please make sure that you keep your plate in the case when you are not wearing it. Plates have a habit of falling out of bags and pockets, falling from trams, and being chewed by dogs.
Your plate is fragile, treat it with care. Please fit your retainer carefully to your teeth with your fingers and ensure that it is firmly seated. Biting your retainer into position and clicking it up and down with your tongue will almost certainly cause it to fracture. Plates are hand made and expensive to replace.

Brush your plate morning and night (on both sides) with the special brush you have been given. Hold it near the bottom of the basin when brushing. That way, if you drop it, it won’t have far to fall and is less likely to break.

Please do not place your plate in hot water to clean as it will buckle and warp. A brush and toothpaste are all that is required, or you can soak it in water with a denture cleaning tablet first.

Never forget to give your teeth and gums a good brush morning and night as well.


If you have any problems, call us as soon as possible so that we can assist you.

Following these simple instructions will ensure that your treatment progresses as quickly as possible.

Be sure that you keep your scheduled appointments so that we can supervise your progress and ensure that your treatment proceeds uneventfully

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