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Before you read the rest of these instructions, please find a mirror and take a look inside your mouth.

Did you notice the little blue elastic rings? Well, they are called separators, and they help us create spaces between your teeth where will be fitting orthodontic bands.

It is very important that these separators remain between your teeth until your next appointment. If you think you might have lost one or more, please call us just in case we need to get you in to replace it.

You can brush your teeth pretty much as normal. Flossing and sticky foods especially chewing gum and candy can pull the separators out and should be avoided.

You may find some teeth are a little tender after we have placed the separators – don’t be concerned as this will pass in a few days. A mild pain-reliever like Panadol will help, as will eating softer foods.

Your separators ensure that your banding appointment will be comfortable, and we appreciate your efforts in ensuring that you follow these instructions.

Problems or concerns?

Just give us a call ~ we are always happy to reassure you or offer advice.

You are on the way to your new smile!

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