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Twin Block

This is an easy appliance to wear, with no visible front wires.

Simply by biting the two blocks together the lower jaw is guided forward to correct the bite.

These appliances need to be worn in the mouth (not in the pocket) at all times, except for cleaning the teeth and participation in rough sports or swimming.

To achieve the best result, the twin block should be worn while eating. We appreciate this can be difficult, please talk to your Orthodontist about any concerns.

At first the twin block may feel large in the mouth, within a few days it will be very comfortable and easy to wear.  For the first few days speech may be affected, however this will steadily improve and should return to normal within one week.

As with all new appliances, the teeth and jaws may be a little sore at first, ibuprofen or panadol should be enough to control the discomfort.

If your upper appliance has a midline screw, then please follow the turning instructions as per your orthodontist


It takes time, patience and compliance for this appliance to work effectively.


Please do not hesitate to contact the office if the twin block is not comfortable within one week.

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