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Your Dentist

During your orthodontic treatment, we encourage you to see your regular dentist for a check-up every six months. It is important to realise that we are not dentists, and we don’t do what your dentist does.

As orthodontists, we get the great job of straightening your teeth, correcting your bite and giving you a fabulous smile. However, your dentist checks your teeth for cavities, cleans your teeth and checks the health of your gums. That is why you really must visit your dentist every six months. Your dentist will try and catch any potential problems before they become actual problems. Their job is to look at each and every tooth (and in between) and they have the skills and expertise to ensure that your have healthy teeth for the future.

Your orthodontic treatment last a short time, but your dentist is your partner in dental health for a lifetime. Regular visits to your dentist are a very important part of your treatment program to make sure that your teeth are kept in the best possible condition. That way they will really look their best when your treatment has been completed.

If you haven’t had a check-up recently, please try to arrange one as soon as possible.

Remember prevention is the best cure!

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